Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eagle Scout Tracking Sheet

There is a lot to do for a boy scout to go from the rank of Life to the rank of Eagle.  On Google docs I have created a spreadsheet that a boy scout troop can use to track the progress towards the rank of Eagle of Life scouts.  My intention is for this to be a tool for scouts themselves to use, rather than having their parents or troop adult leaders using this.  In addition to helping them see where they are in the process, I think seeing where their peers stand helps to motivate scouts!

Make a copy for your troop’s use.  While you can download it to your computer, it will be more useful if it remains a shared resource.

If you want to experiment, play with Test Scout (modifying only the cells with a lilac background in the Test Scout sheet).  Use New Scout as a template to add an entry for each scout who reaches Life.

My aim is to make this a useful tracking tool for scouts to use, without spoon-feeding them - I feel strongly that the Eagle rank is meaningful only when earned because actually going through the process gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps them grow.

Adding a Scout

Adding a new scout to the spreadsheet involves two high level steps: (a) creating a new sheet for the scout, and (b) adding that scout to the Dashboard.
  • Duplicate the New Scout sheet, and position it in an appropriate place in the sheets.  I suggest ordering the sheets for scouts from youngest to oldest.  That way, older scouts scroll off to the right, as they age out of boy scouts, while the sheets for current scouts stay in front of you.
  • Rename the duplicated sheet with the name of the scout.  In the sheet, enter the date that he will turn 18 and the date he advanced to Life.  The only data to be modified in each sheet are the cells with a lilac background.  With a few exceptions - such as the months of each type of leadership experience - most of the data to be entered is dates.
  • On the Dashboard sheet, create a column for the new scout and copy the data from the New Scout column to the created column.  Move the column to keep the scouts ordered from youngest to oldest.  Edit each cells in the column you created, changing “New Scout” wherever it occurs to the name of the scout - it must be exactly the same name as that of the sheet you created.
  • In the sharing settings (at the time I write this, Google docs has a “Share” button in the upper right; clicking it offers a “Sharing settings” option), add the e-mail address of each scout - it does not have to be a Google e-mail address - to give the scout access.
  • Reiterate to the scout that the only cells he should edit are the lilac cells in the sheet with his name.

Please post your suggestions for improvement as comments or send them to me.  Thank you very much.

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